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Who We Are

Enough Is Enough: Don’t Tax Our Groceries is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations actively opposing the proposed grocery tax.

What We Believe

While city officials claim that this is a tax on certain sugar-sweetened beverages like sodas, juice drinks and teas, what they are really proposing are taxes on San Francisco grocers and distributors. If proposals like these go into effect, the price of any, or even all, grocery items could increase—or the local grocer could end up absorbing the costs. Either way, as we all saw in Berkeley, these tax proposals won’t end up working as promised. At best, these taxes would be a distraction from the issues that matter to us. At worst, these proposals would impose an unnecessary financial burden in an already expensive city.

We rejected taxes on groceries before and we’re prepared to do it again! It’s time to hold our leaders accountable.

Join us as an individual or as an organization.